10,000 signatures in the first 72 hours

Posted on July 31, 2013

In just three days, we collected over 10,000 signatures!

That smashed our ten day launch goal. I’m thrilled to announce that we’re doubling our goal to 20,000 signatures by next Sunday!

There are too many amazing stories from the weekend to fit in one blog post, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • A husband and wife from Burns, Oregon in Harney County drove over two hours to pick up petitions from our Bend kick-off event. And they requested enough petition sheets to collect over 50 signatures from their rural town!
  • In Ashland, 92-year-old Maryline White collected dozens of signatures from residents in her retirement community and at her church, and called to report how her fellow seniors “are just lining up” to sign.
  • And yesterday in Portland, volunteers collecting signatures at the North Portland Sunday Parkways ran out of petition sheets–so another volunteer, Marc, hopped on a bike immediately to deliver fresh sheets!


We will need to have several more spectacular petition events like the one this past weekend to put marriage on the ballot in 2014. We’ll also need many more people to help collect signatures from family, friends, and colleagues. And we will need folks like you to remind others that they can download and mail their E-Petitions at any time.

In short, it’s going to take a little effort from A LOT of people. But we know we can do it together.

If you’re ready to extend marriage to every loving, committed couple in Oregon, check out for information and details on how you can get engaged and do your part to make Oregon a better place for everyone.


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