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MEDIA RELEASE: Oregon United for Marriage Hires Veteran Campaign Manager Mike Marshall

Oregon United for Marriage announced the hire of campaign manager Mike Marshall to lead the effort that will extend the freedom to marry to all of Oregon’s loving, committed couples.

Wedding Professionals: Lisa and Peter Jones

Lisa Watson has fulfilled her dream of opening her own cupcake shop, with the support of her husband Peter. Cupcakes Jones, a local cupcake store owned and run by Lisa and Peter, is a well-known Portland staple. “We bake for weddings, private parties, and just single cupcakes for your cravings!” Lisa said. “We are so proud of our business, and are happy to supply delicious treats for all weddings. Supporting same-sex couples on their special day is an honor, and we wish that all couples were treated with the same dignity and respect in our home state.”

Wedding Professionals: Melissa Coe

Melissa Coe has lived in Oregon for over 30 years, with the company of her husband Ron and their three children. “I decided to move to Oregon from my home state of Kentucky because I thought it would be an environment more tolerant and accepting of diversity, which is a quality I value in my community,” Melissa said. “This is why I am so disappointed in Oregon for not offering the freedom to marry to all loving and committed couples.”
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Every signature has a story: Maxwell Fortune

On a rainy afternoon, Maxwell Fortune was collecting signature in Portland in northeast Portland when he met a woman taking out her garbage. He approached her, asked her to sign the petition, and she told him this story:
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Every signature has a story: Jacob Hanson

When you collect a signature, you’re doing more than collecting a signature. Every signature has a story. Every signature is an opportunity to find new volunteers, to identify supporters, to grow support, to spread the word about why marriage matters. We are making history, one signature at a time.

MEDIA RELEASE: adidas America endorses Oregon Freedom to Marry

Ed and Warren Still

Video: Ed and Warren – 42 years of love in Oregon

Check out this incredible short film which debuted at Basic Rights Oregon's annual gala celebration IGNITE! on October 11, 2013. Ed and Warren are ready to win the freedom to marry for all loving, committed couples in Oregon. Are you?
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MEDIA RELEASE: Portland Timbers and Thorns Endorse Freedom to Marry Initiative

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MEDIA RELEASE: Oregon Business Association endorses marriage initiative

The Oregon Business Association, which represents more than 300 businesses across the state, announced this week that it has endorsed the Freedom to Marry and Religious Protection Initiative.