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Supreme Court denies motion to stay marriages for same-sex couples in Oregon

The Supreme Court has denied NOM's motion to stay marriages for same-sex couples and their families.

Statement from Oregon United for Marriage on NOM’s Motion for a Stay

Today, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) filed a motion for a stay in the Supreme Court—following last week's 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denial of their attempt to block marriage equality from becoming the law in Oregon.

Desperate: NOM petitions SCOTUS for stay in Oregon’s landmark marriage ruling

Just when we thought the National Organization for Marriage couldn't get any more desperate, the D.C.-based organization is now petitioning the Supreme Court of the United States to issue a stay and halt marriages for same-sex couples. But make no mistake: we're confident that love and freedom will once again prevail.
Love is the Law

Love is the law in Oregon

Last week, love won in Oregon—and now, hundreds of same-sex couples have legally applied for marriage licenses and exchanged vows across the state. We are very confident we no longer need a ballot measure. We have won—and we aren't going to let anyone take this away from us.

Federal judge strikes down Oregon ban on marriage for same-sex couples

Today, U.S. District Court Judge Michael McShane ruled that Oregon’s exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage is unconstitutional—paving the way for couples to begin marrying immediately.


Today, a judge issued a ruling stating that Oregon's marriage ban for same-sex couples is unconstitutional.
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Your guide to today’s ruling at noon

Wondering what a ruling today could mean for your family and same-sex couples in Oregon? Looking for a place to celebrate should marriage become legal? Just click here to visit our Decision Day resource page.

Marriage Equality Decision Day

Federal Judge Michael McShane of Eugene plans to release an opinion about marriage equality today around noon, potentially granting gay and lesbian couples the freedom to marry in Oregon.

BREAKING: Marriage equality ruling to come at noon on 5/19

Judge McShane has announced he will rule on Oregon's marriage ban Monday (5/19) at noon.

Marriage equality: Judge denies NOM’s motion to intervene

COURT HEARING: Lawyers argue that anti-gay group from Washington DC was too late to intervene in case.