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Urban League of Portland

The Urban League of Portland, founded in 1945, helps empower African Americans and other Oregonians to achieve equality in education, employment, and economic security. The Urban League movement carries out its mission at the local, state and national levels through direct services, advocacy, research, policy analysis, community education and mobilization, coalitions and collaborations, and communications.

Wedding Professionals: Andie Petkus

Andie Petkus takes pride in working for the coolest clients in Portland, and has photographed a wide range of people around the world, including President Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. But what is she most looking forward to? "I can't wait to photograph more weddings. Love makes everyone more photogenic!"
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Governor John Kitzhaber

John Kitzhaber, the governor of Oregon, was one of the first people to sign the sponsorship petition for the Freedom to Marry and Religious Protection Initiative when the campaign launched on Valentine’s Day of 2013. “I think its very clear that in the nine years since the initial ballot measure, Oregonians have evolved in their view of marriage equality,” Governor Kitzhaber said at the launch event. “No longer are Oregonians content to have a constitution that discriminates against people because they’re gay, because they’re lesbian, because they’re transgender.”
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Democratic Party of Oregon

"The campaign to end marriage discrimination against same-sex couples is a major priority for the Democratic Party of Oregon -- it's in our party platform, our daily efforts, and our hearts," says Frank Dixon, state chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. "As a gay man who's spent over 30 years with my partner, Dan, it's also very personal. I believe that every loving, committed couple deserves the dignity, support and recognition that only marriage can provide. That's why the Democratic Party of Oregon, alongside our elected leaders, is proud to support the Oregon United for Marriage Campaign." Read more.


Causa is Oregon’s statewide Latino immigrant rights organization. Causa works to defend and advance immigrant rights by coordinating with local, state, and national coalitions and allies. We are the largest Latino civil and human rights organization in the Pacific Northwest. Causa’s mission is to foster a society that recognizes the contributions of immigrants and upholds the values of democracy, equality, and respect." Read more.

Native American Youth and Family Center

At NAYA, the Native American Youth and Family Center, “we are living up to our community’s values by supporting Oregon United for Marriage,” says Matt Morton, NAYA’s executive director. For nearly forty years, the Native American Youth and Family Center in Portland has worked to enrich the lives of our Native youth and families through education, community involvement, and culturally specific programming. NAYA’s mission is to enhance the diverse strengths of our youth and families in partnership with the community through cultural identity and education.
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Oregon AFSCME Council 75

AFSCME Council 75 represents 24,000 working people in Oregon. Our members work for state agencies, local governments, childcare and in private non-profits and they are all in the public service. We have members in every county in Oregon and eight offices around the state and our political action committee has equal representation from every congressional district. Collectively our members have come together and voted to support the rights of all citizens to be married. We believe that all Oregon workers deserve the same rights and protections. It is a question of fairness. Read more.

Oregon Education Association

As a union of educators, the Oregon Education Association (OEA) works to build communities where people can live and prosper equally. We understand that our students thrive when their families supported and valued. When our communities respect every person, students feel safe in their classrooms and can focus on learning, and educators are free to do the job they love — educate. Supporting marriage equality can have significant impacts on the success of Oregon’s students and public schools. Read more.
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Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana

Descended from a long line of rabbis, Michael Z. Cahana was born in Houston, Texas. He did not know many gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people when he was growing up there but later met several while working in theater. He then met many more before he became an ordained rabbi in 1994. He’s now the senior rabbi at Congregation Beth Israel, the oldest and largest Reform synagogue in Oregon. He lives in Portland with his wife, Cantor Ida Rae Cahana, their son, David, and their triplet daughters, Sarit, Liora and Idit. Read more.

Kay Mellenthin and Clark Compton

Kay Mellenthin grew up in Hood River, graduated from the University of Oregon, and is a Christian who regularly attends services and volunteers with the First Congregational Church in Eugene. She’s been married to her husband Clark for 18 years. He is a Vietnam war veteran and a small business owner from a small town in Montana. They have one son and four daughters. When their daughter Kirstin came out as a lesbian, Kay did not know many people who were gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. She had not thought deeply about marriage for same-sex couples. But Clark and Kay loved Kirsten as we have always loved their other children. Read more.