DENIED. Judge denies NOM’s attempt to defend Oregon’s marriage ban.

Posted on May 14, 2014

MotionDeniedDENIED. That’s what a federal judge just told the D.C.-based National Organization for Marriage as they desperately sought to defend Oregon’s marriage ban in court today.

After no one—literally no one—would defend our state’s constitutional amendment blocking same-sex couples from marrying, NOM went to court this morning, hoping to step in to uphold it.

But the judge didn’t buy it. He heard NOM’s arguments, and he decided that in refusing to defend the ban, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum—not an out-of-state interest group—accurately represented the views of Oregonians.

In his ruling, Judge McShane said, “This is an Oregon case and will remain an Oregon case,” giving a nod to the fact that the anti-equality group is actually based in DC and not representative of the Oregonian people as a whole. Then Judge McShane went further arguing that NOM cannot intervene “simply because the organization disagrees” with the interpretation of elected officials.

Following the ruling, NOM asked McShane to stay his decision, but he declined. It is expected that now, NOM will appeal his decision to the 9th Circuit Court.

Nevertheless, today’s ruling is a huge victory—and it paves the way for what we hope will be the ultimate victory: winning marriage for all loving couples in Oregon.

Now, we wait for Judge McShane to issue his ruling on the ban itself. And, as we do, we’ll be sure to keep you updated every step of the way.

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