MEDIA RELEASE: Oregon United for Marriage Hires Veteran Campaign Manager Mike Marshall

Posted on October 25, 2013

For Immediate Release: October 25, 2013
Contact: Amy Ruiz, Communications Director, 503-929-1036

Oregon United for Marriage Hires Veteran Campaign Manager Mike Marshall

Portland, Ore. — Today, Oregon United for Marriage announced the hire of campaign manager Mike Marshall to lead the effort that will extend the freedom to marry to all of Oregon’s loving, committed couples. The campaign’s executive committee selected Marshall after an extensive national search.

Marshall comes to the campaign as an established leader in the freedom-to-marry movement. In 2000, he ran one of the nation’s first campaigns against an initiative that excluded same-sex couples from marriage, California’s No on 22 campaign. Prop 22 was ultimately ruled unconstitutional by the California Supreme Court, leading to the passage of Prop 8.

“Mike has an extensive track record of inspiring people to bring their best to campaigns and to building the movement for LGBT equality,” says Jeana Frazzini, chair of Oregon United for Marriage. “He has the skills and experience to run a national-caliber, winning campaign. He also believes ballot initiative campaigns need to build movements in order to win, which makes him the ideal person to lead Oregon United for Marriage over the next year.”

Marshall has run two statewide campaigns in California, served as Executive Director of several small, community-based organizations, has assembled coalitions internationally and locally and volunteered or consulted with a spectrum of mission-driven organizations. He’s experienced in both the development of a winning campaign plan as well as the day-to-day management of large, successful political organizations.

“I’m honored and excited to join the team working to affirm the freedom to marry for all loving, committed couples in Oregon. Amazing work is happening all across the country to extend the freedom to marry to all couples, and an Oregon victory will have an impact far beyond the boundaries of our state,” Marshall says. “This country is better every time we break down laws that exclude people. In America, freedom means freedom for everybody. Marriage is a fundamental freedom that should not be denied to anyone.”

Marshall and his partner Rob Walker have permanently relocated from California to Portland; Marshall will join the campaign full-time on November 6.