President Obama speaks out against anti-LGBT discrimination bills

Posted on March 5, 2014

Obama (1)“Freedom is the ability to go into a store and a restaurant and know that you won’t be refused service because of who you are or who you love.” That’s what President Obama said in a speech about recent efforts around the country to use “religious freedom” as a guise to allow discrimination against LGBT people.

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The president also said that this issue is not over, despite success in many states defeating such measures. Of course, in Oregon, we know this fight is just getting started. Since we’ve made so much progress on marriage, opponents of the freedom to marry are moving on to an effort to write discrimination into the law in our great state, even before we’ve won marriage for all families.

We know that Oregon is a place where people value fairness and freedom and we’re ready to stand up against this law. We’re going to keep working to not only win marriage, but to defend that victory from attacks like this.

We’re hosting community meetings around the state to talk about the next steps to secure and defend the freedom to marry in Oregon. Click here to find an event near you.

The president is right, this work is “far from over” and we must continue organizing in Oregon to make sure our state does the right thing.